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Which reports are recommended to share with the wider team?

A good report to initially share with the wider team is the Questions report showing the average scores, seen here under the agree-disagree report tab. By clicking on the questions tab you are able to view the highest scoring questions through to the lowest across the organisation. 

The highest scores can identify areas to celebrate success and can be an easy way to communicate initially. The lowest scores can identify areas for potential improvement and areas that we would suggest taking action on.

When exporting reports, can only specific sections be shared rather than every single report?

Yes. You can do this when selecting reports to export.

To export reports:

  1. Click on Export button in the top right corner of the report pages

  2. Select the file type you would like to export, either Excel, PDF or PowerPoint

  3. Select the Report types you would like to include in the export

  4. Click Export

Note: the Text Analysis option will export all comments for the survey.

If you would like to export comments for a specific question or questions:

  1. While viewing reports, click on the Text Analysis tab

  2. Select a question to view responses

  3. Use the Text Analysis Export button to export the responses (not the main export at the top of the page) 

Do filters apply to my report exports?

Yes. If you have filters applied when you click Export, the filters will also be applied to your export file.

A summary of the filters will be included in the export.