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Promote Feedback Now in your workplace

You've got Feedback Now. So let's think about how you might promote it. What communication channels do you have access to? What locations? Who can help you spread the word?

We've put together some ideas to help you get started.

Place posters in high traffic areas

If you want feedback from on-site workers, there are many areas you can use to promote Feedback Now. Start with focusing on areas that many people pass through or spend time in.

For example, put posters up in:

  • cafeterias, lunchrooms or breakrooms

  • lifts

  • entry and exit ways

  • bathrooms (including the inside cubicles)

  • foyers

  • smoking spots.

If you have a company intranet site, include a link to the feedback channel in a prominent position.

Include it in your onboarding processes

Add information about Feedback Now to your:

  • your employee onboarding processes, or

  • site induction for contract workers.

Find advocates to spread the word

People have varying experiences with Senior Leadership. These could be good experiences or bad experiences. Perhaps they've had no meaningful experience yet.

So if a request for feedback comes only from Senior Leadership, that approach may not work for everyone.

Who can you get to spread your message outside of leadership? Are there influential workers that can advocate for you? Talk to your team leaders. Discuss who might be interested in supporting you.

Create a communications plan

Feedback Now will be new to your workers. So it's important to plan how you will introduce it to them and keep them invested over time.

We recommend creating a communications plan to support you with this. A communications plan is a document that sets out how you are going to engage with your audience.

Here are a few ideas and considerations to think about when creating your communications plan:

  • Promote the channel regularly: Use clear messaging to communicate the purpose of the channel, who monitors it, how feedback will be handled, and how it can benefit the workers themselves.

  • Make sure it is accessible to all workers: This means making the form available anywhere workers are and supporting the languages they prepare to use.

  • Create trust in the process: Your workers must trust that the channel is confidential. It is safe. They also need to see that you're taking action. Make it known that you are responding to feedback via the channel.

  • Be transparent: Regularly report on feedback received and the actions taken to resolve or address issues raised.

Adjust messaging for your audience

Your request for feedback will come on top of a list of demands workers juggle daily. Try adjusting messaging to increase the task's importance or to address their concerns.

Remember, there's always a reason not to do something. The goal is to reduce those reasons.

We've provided a few messaging suggestions.

For workers worried about providing feedback:

  • Feedback Now is designed to be anonymous. You don't have to provide your name or any contact details.

  • Feedback Now is mobile first. You can choose the time and place to provide feedback. If you feel more comfortable giving feedback in the privacy of your own home, go for it!

For workers who are too busy to provide feedback:

  • Feedback Now is a simple 2-step form. Just select your preferred language and then enter your feedback.

  • Feedback Now lets you provide as much or as little information as you like. If you just want to submit a quick comment, that's fine!

For workers concerned that the feedback form will be hard to understand:

  • You can use Feedback Now's feedback form in the language you feel most comfortable with. If your preferred language is not listed, let your team leader know.

  • The Feedback Now form is easy to understand and supports a wide variety of literacy levels.

For workers that think their feedback won't make a difference:

  • Feedback Now lets you tell it like it is. We can't change what we don't know about.

  • Feedback Now helps us build a picture of what it's like to work for [company name]. Your feedback counts.