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Can you download the reports and in what format?

Yes. You can download every report in the system by clicking Export Reports. This will give you the option to export in either PDF, PowerPoint or Excel with the option to choose what individual reports or multiple reports you wish to download. You also have the option to include or exclude the comments and insights. This could be a good idea if there are free text comments that identify certain people.

How soon do we get access to the reports?

As soon as your threshold has been met of minimum response threshold (usually set to 5), you will be able to see the reports. You will not be able to see specific demographic reports until there are 5 responses in that specific demographic.

What happens if the minimum threshold of completed participants has not been met to view a particular report?

If the minimum threshold has not been met, you could extend the survey to give these people more time to complete the survey otherwise you will not be able to see these reports.