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Who should have access to the initial reports?

Account Managers  are given unrestricted permissions automatically to all surveys. It is recommended that Account Managers review the results carefully, giving particular attention to any free-text comments, before giving access to other leaders in the organisation. Account Managers can then set up report viewing access and any relevant restrictions.

Survey Administrators are automatically given unrestricted access to surveys that they have created.

Anybody else requiring access to view reports needs to be set up as a Report Viewer at the survey level. To setup report viewers, click here

Who else should have access to the results?

We would encourage leaders to have access to their team's results. This enables them to share the collective team's feedback, identifying both celebrations and any opportunities for improvement. They can then create meaningful and relevant action plans involving all team-members, pulse checking regularly to measure progress and ensure that they are on track to achieve their goals.

Once the survey has closed and the Account Manager has reviewed the results, it is recommended to preview the report viewing setup and restrictions applied for leaders before sending an invitation to them to view their results. 

When should I setup my report viewers?

Report viewing permissions can be set up once the survey participants and chosen demographics for that survey have been added, or once the survey is active, in readiness for prompt sharing of results with leaders once the survey has closed.

Report viewing permissions can also be set up after a survey has closed.

Can a report viewer be restricted in what they can see?

Yes, they can. It is recommended to set report viewing permissions up so that the report viewer can view only what is relevant to them, e.g. their team's results. You are able to restrict this using specific demographic filters, as well as specific options within those filters along with the reports they are able to see.

For report viewers with small teams, it is recommended not to enable any demographic filters for them to drill down into the results.  You may also consider restricting free-text comments for small teams to protect participants' anonymity.

How are report viewers notified that they have been given access?

Once you have set up report viewing access with any required restrictions you can enable the permissions and invite Report Viewers to view results. You can do this from the Review tab when managing permissions.

Inviting Report Viewers to view results

  1. Find the survey you are wanting to invite report viewers to view

  2. Select Permissions for the survey

  3. Click Manage permissions

  4. Select the report viewers you want to invite to view results

  5. Click Enable & invite

  6. Click Continue to confirm you want to invite the report viewers

If they are first time Report Viewers, they will be prompted to create a password for future access.

If you would like to enable report viewers to view their results without sending an invitation, after selecting report viewers, click Enable rather than Enable & invite. The report viewers will be able to view results the next time they log in. You may choose to do this if you are giving access to multiple surveys at once, or if you have set up report viewer permissions before the survey has closed.

How easy is it to remove report viewer access?

It is very easy to delete Report Viewer access and there are two ways to do this.

Remove a report viewer from one survey:

  1. Find the survey you are wanting to remove the report viewer from

  2. Select Permissions for the survey

  3. Click Manage permissions

  4. Search for the report viewer you want to remove

  5. Click on the remove icon next to the persons name. This will instantly remove their access for that survey.

If this individual also has Report Viewer access to other surveys, then they will remain a 'Report Viewer' for these surveys also.

If they had access to only one survey, this would then also remove them as a report viewer under the Users tab in your Organisation settings.

Remove a report viewer from all surveys:

  1. Click on My Organisation

  2. Select Users

  3. Search for the person's name to remove

  4. Click on the bin icon next to the persons name

This will remove their access to ALL surveys they have had permission to view. This is recommended if somebody has left the organisation.

Can we grant report viewer access to somebody outside our organisation?

Yes, you can. To enable this, they first need to be setup as a user for your organisation. 

To learn how to set them up as a user, click here. Once they are setup, you can follow the same process for granting report viewer access - learn more here