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What are Categories?

Our recommended surveys are based on research by AskYourTeam and our research partners, including the University of Waikato's Institute of Business Research. The surveys are designed to measure the most relevant areas that determine overall success for an organisation.

AskYourTeam surveys are constructed using Categories (previously known as Organisation Success Factors).

Each category is underpinned by a set of questions. Survey participants rate these questions using an Agree-Disagree scale. These ratings translate to a corresponding score (from 0-100% in increments of 20%). The scores are averaged across the organisation enabling a clear understanding of both what is working well in the organisation and also highlighting opportunities for improvement.

The higher the percentage score, the better the organisation is perceived to be performing.

How do I analyse categories?

To analyse your survey results by category, this is done through the Questions report:

  1. Navigate to your survey to analyse and click on the survey name from the Surveys page

  2. Select the Questions report

  3. By default, you will land on the Categories view

  4. Each category is shown alongside a chart of the average including an indication of the highest and lowest questions. Hover over these to see the range of scores for these questions.

  5. Click a Category name to see the questions that make up this score