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Can you integrate your HR system with AskYourTeam?

Integrating your HR system with AskYourTeam will save you time managing:

  • employee changes

  • survey participant data, and

  • library demographics.

It's a way to take manual processes and automate them.

You can integrate with us through:

BambooHR integration

If your organisation uses BambooHR, you can integrate using the connection we have already built. This connection lets you import data from BambooHR into AskYourTeam on a regular schedule.

All manual employee changes become automated, including:

  • creating new participants

  • updating participant details and demographic information (for example, a change in manager or department)

  • deactivating participants who have left your organisation.

Learn more about how to integrate AskYourTeam with your BambooHR account

Managed integration

If you're not using BambooHR, we can still integrate with your HR system.

How it works:

  1. We'll work with you to set up a regular export of people data from your HR system. This will be designed to run automatically on a schedule, keeping your people data synced and up to date. We don't need your data to be in any special file type or structure, we can accept it as it comes out of your system.

  2. This export will be placed on a SFTP folder or emailed to a secure mailbox provided by us. Your export doesn't need to be in a specific file type, structure or format.

  3. Once we have your people data, we'll create a custom integration workflow for your organisation that involves:

    • reading the file

    • converting it into a format that matches our system

    • importing the new data into your AskYourTeam participant library.

Public API

An API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It's software that acts like a bridge, allowing two applications to talk to each other.

If your HR system has a public API, we can also investigate the possibility of using this API and extract the people data directly. If we can use this method or not often depends on the quality and accessibility of their API.