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Over Time report

When comparing two or more surveys, the Over Time report is available to show how results have changed over time.

We provide four ways to review the results between the surveys: Averages, Categories, Themes, and Questions.



The X axis shows the surveys that have been included in the Comparison

The Y axis shows the score and is variable depending on the spread of question scores. Line chart best practice recommends not using a zero baseline because the main goal of a line chart is to emphasize changes in value. 



An average score is calculated for each survey to give an overview on how scores have changed.

The average score is calculated for all matched Agree-Disagree (AskYourTeam and custom) questions in the selected surveys.



Each category is shown as a line with a score for the comparable surveys to show how this has changed over time.

Hovering over the line will show the category name and respective scores. Or, select a Category pill at the top of the chart to highlight.

If no questions matched for a Category, the Category will not show.



Each question is shown as a line with a score for the comparable surveys. 

Reduce the number of questions being shown by using the Search box. For example, to see all the questions that mention "leadership" type this into the search box.  



A PowerPoint export is provided to export the Over Time comparisons.

The average score and question reports are included in the export.