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Participant tracking

Participation rates have a big impact on the success of your survey. For example, low participation rates could mean you miss out on important insights.

So when your survey is live, use Participation tracking to check which participants have:

  • received an invitation to your survey, and

  • completed your survey.

If you notice the participation rate is low, you can:

  • check if the invitation was successfully delivered

  • edit contact details and re-send the invitation

If the invitation was delivered successfully, but the participant hasn't completed the survey, try sending a reminder.

All these actions can be done within the Participation tracking section.

Navigate to Participant tracking

To get to the Participant tracking section:

  1. Select Surveys from the left-hand menu.

  2. Find the survey you need.

  3. Select the three dots on the survey card.

  4. Select Participant tracking.

You can only access Participant tracking if the survey status is: Active or Closed.

Participant tracking table

The Participant tracking table contains a list of all your participants. Each column either shows information about that participant or allows you to take an action.

The columns are:

  • First name and last name: The name of the participant. For surveys run through kiosk or public link, the name is not known so it will say Anonymous participant.

  • Contact details: How the participant receives the invitation to the survey. Select the pencil icon when you hover over the cell to edit the contact details. You can also choose a different contact method. Any changes you make will also be saved in your library.

  • Leader (Leadership Effectiveness survey only): Shows the People Leader that participant is providing feedback for.

  • Relation (Leadership Effectiveness survey only): Shows whether the participant's response will be compared to the leader's self-assessment or a feedback group's scores.

  • Invitation status: Shows if the invitation was delivered successfully. Learn more about different invitation statuses.

  • Survey progress: Shows if the participant has completed the survey or not. If it says Not started or In progress, try sending them a reminder to complete it. Learn more about different progress statuses.

  • Resend: Resends the survey invitation to a user. You might need to use this if you've updated their contact details.

  • Remind: Sends the user a reminder to complete the survey. For bulk reminders, use the Send reminders button above the table. When sending bulk reminders you can target groups of users, like those who haven't completed the survey or who have a specific leader.

Invitation status

The Invitation status column shows whether the survey invitation has been sent successfully.

There are seven statuses:

  • Not applicable: This will show for a passcode, kiosk or public link participant. There are no contact details for those participants, so they can't be invited in a way we can track.

  • Sent: The invitation has been sent from the AskYourTeam system. We're waiting for confirmation it has been delivered

  • Bounce: Email delivery was attempted but failed.

  • Dropped: The recipient's email previously bounced, or the recipient has marked it as spam. The AskYourTeam system will not attempt redelivery to the contact details provided.

  • Deferred: The recipient's mail system has requested we slow down the speed of emails sent. Emails will be sent over a period of time.

  • Delivered: The invitation has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

  • Pending: The invitation hasn't been sent yet.

For any emails that have Dropped or Bounced, check that the participant's email address or mobile number is correct.

For emails that are Pending or Deferred, check back later to see if the Invitation status has updated.

You can also filter your participant list by Invitation status.

Survey progress

This column shows if the participant has completed the survey or not.

There are four statuses:

  • Not started: The participant has not yet started the survey.

  • In progress: The participant has started the survey but not yet completed it.

  • Completed : The participant has completed the survey.

  • Unsubscribed: The participant has unsubscribed from survey invitations from your organisation.

You can also filter your participant list by Survey progress.