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Make bulk changes to permissions

If you need to apply the same permissions to a group of report viewers, use Bulk changes.

This feature lets you choose the demographics, filters, reports, and questions you’d like these report viewers to have access to.

To make bulk changes, navigate to your list of report viewers:

  1. Go to Surveys in the left hand menu.

  2. Select the three dots on a specific survey.

  3. Select Permissions.

  4. Select Automate permissions or Manage permissions.

There will be a deactivated button in the top right corner that says Select permissions. When you select report viewers from your list, it will activate and change to Bulk changes.

You can now select this button and apply permissions to the group of report viewers you've selected.

Example of bulk changes (video)

In this video, three report viewers will have their permissions changed. They are given permission to access Location and Additional Filters. They are then invited to view survey results.

Send out bulk invitations

You can also use the Bulk changes feature to manage invitations to report viewers.

There are two options:

  • Enable and invite: This option sends out a bulk invite to all the report viewers you've selected. The invite notifies them that they can view survey results.

  • Enable: This will only 'turn on' the ability to send out an invite. It won't send it out the invite. This can be useful if you don't want to send out the invitation yet.