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Applying filters to comparisons

As with the standard reporting suite, demographics can be applied when using the Compare Engine.


Applying demographics to surveys is done on a survey-by-survey basis. E.g. if you are comparing four surveys, demographics filters can be applied to one survey, all four, or any other combination depending on your requirements.


Applying demographic filters

To apply demographics in the Compare Engine:

  1. Click the Apply demographic filters button

  2. Select a survey you want to filter

  3. Select a demographic category

  4. Select the demographic options you would like applied to the selected survey

Repeat the above steps on each survey you would like to apply demographics for.

As each filter is applied/removed, the count of participants that fall into subsequent demographic categories/options for that survey will be updated to show the respondents in demographic options. 

NOTE: Report Viewers that don't have access to Filters, will not see the "Apply demographic filters" button.


Clearing demographic filters

To clear demographic filters:

  1. Click the Apply demographic filters button

  2. Click Clear filters on the survey you wish to clear filters from


How do I know if filters are applied?

The Survey name at the top of the Compare report will be highlighted in orange with a filter icon to indicate that filters have been applied to this survey.

To see what filters have been applied, click on the survey name and the demographic categories and options that have been selected will have a green dot and "filtered" next to them.