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Create report viewers and set permissions based on reporting lines (automated permissions)

Report viewers are people who have permission to view your survey's reports.

There are two ways you can set their permissions:

  • Automatically (automated permissions): This method generates report viewers based on your organisation's structure. It identifies People Leaders and gives them permission to view survey results for their reporting lines.

  • Manually: This method lets you select who can be a report viewer. These people may be anyone internal or external to your organisation, for example a Board Executive through to a Team Lead. This contrasts with automated permissions, which is for People Leaders only. Learn more about setting up permissions manually.

This guide focuses on how to set Automated permissions.

Before you get started:

  • you must have the People Leader field set up in your library, and

  • your survey status must be Pending, Active or have recently Closed.

If this field is set up and the survey status is correct, you're ready to automate permissions. You can watch the video demonstration or follow our step-by-step instructions.