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How do I compare surveys?

After running two or more surveys, it is recommended to compare the results to see how results have changed over time. The Compare Engine allows you to compare up to 5 surveys (or across the three Customer VOICE suite surveys).


How do I start comparing?

To access the Compare Engine and compare surveys:

  1. Click Compare from the main menu

  2. Select up to 5 surveys to compare

  3. Click Next

  4. The Questions list step shows which questions could be matched between selected surveys


Select surveys

The first step in the Compare Engine is Select Surveys.  Surveys are comparable that used the same survey version, or that have custom questions with an exact text match.

Surveys available in the select list are based on permissions at the survey level.  For example, report viewers will only be able to see surveys and results they have permission to.


Questions list

Surveys selected are checked to see what questions match and displayed on the Questions list. This shows both matched and unmatched questions, and will determine the comparisons you will see on the reports.


Questions match if it is an AskYourTeam Agree-Disagree question, or is an exact text match with another selected survey question.


Select the Show unmatched toggle to only show the questions that didn't match between the surveys.



There are three reports available when comparing surveys - Comparison, Over time and Heatmap.

Comparing two surveys:

Comparing three or more surveys: