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Step 2: Survey settings

This is the second step in the create survey process. It contains a series of toggles that you can turn on or off based on the type of survey you're running.

The toggles on the settings page are:

  • Enable AI for reporting: Access to time-saving features powered by AI like sentiment analysis for comments and the Insights Dashboard. (This toggle is not available for surveys without end dates. For example, Onboarding and Offboarding surveys.)

  • Enable test survey mode: If you're running a test or demo survey, you will need to enable test survey mode.

  • Enable ongoing survey mode: Access a report designed especially for ongoing surveys. This report is called the Over Time report. It shows you how results change over time.

  • Allow participants to export their responses: Give participants the option to email themselves a copy of their responses when they complete the survey (on the Thank You page). Participants will receive an email with a link to download a PDF. The link will expire 7 days from being sent to protect their privacy.

  • Generate public link and QR code: Generate a single link to your survey that can be shared with many people. It will also generate a QR code which you can download and use on promotional materials, like posters.

  • Generate kiosk link: Generate a single link that allows participants to take the survey in kiosk mode. Kiosk mode changes the survey-taking process slightly so that it can be used in a public setting, like a reception area. Learn more about kiosk mode.

Can't see 'Enable AI for reporting'?

This might be because:

  • you're running a survey with no end date (like Onboarding and Offboarding)

  • your organisation needs to opt-in to AI at their account level. If you'd like to opt-in, please contact your Customer Success Representative or email

Generating a link?

If you select any generate link option, you will need to choose self-select demographics to support survey reporting.

You will also be asked to enter the total number of participants you expect to take your survey. This is an estimate that you can change anytime.

We ask for this number to help us calculate the participation rate for surveys using a public or kiosk link. Learn more about participation rates and the participation report.